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Preservation Virginia offers a carefully selected variety of products at each of its historic site shops and web store, products which help tell the stories of it’s historic places and educational materials which provide a wealth of information on a variety of technical preservation themes.

Our official offering program is the result of careful research and expert execution by Preservation Virginia’s staff of curators, archeologists and historians who ensure that each reproduction we create bears the closest possible integrity to its original counterpart.

Your purchase directly supports the mission of Preservation Virginia.

  • “We Must Fight!” The Private War Between Patrick Henry and Lord Dunmore

    Written by George T. Morrow II, this book retells the story of intrigue between Patrick Henry and Lord Dunmore in 1775 when Virginian's struggled to decide whether war with England was inevitable. 


  • Celebrate Virginia! Cookbook: The Hospitality, History, and Heritage of Virginia

    Celebrate Virginia! is a celebration of all that is Virginia. It honors the unparalleled heritage of hospitality and history for which Virginia is renowned. This beautiful cookbook features a combination of recipes, interesting historical sidebars, and anecdotal descriptions of food-related…


  • Jamestown, The Buried Truth (Book)

    What was life really like for the band of adventurers who first set foot on the banks of the James River in 1607? Important as the accomplishments of these men and women were, the written records pertaining to them are…


  • Jamestown: The Buried Truth (DVD)

    May 1607. One hundred four men and boys conclude a five-month voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. Their mission is to find a route to the Orient, convert native peoples to Christianity, discover gold, and export raw…


  • Sterling Silver Reproduction Earpickers

    A status symbol and hygienic tool, this ear picker/tooth cleaner was found at the James Fort site by APVA Preservation Virginia archaeologists. The 17th-century English knew about plaque, which they called scale or surf, and were encouraged by…


  • The John Marshall House

    This full-color guidebook is the next best thing to visiting the John Marshall House in person. Built between 1788 and 1790, this Richmond landmark was home John Marshall, third Chief Justice of the United…